Youth 4 Earth is a project aimed at teacher educators, children and young people aged 3 to 24 years attending school (early childhood, primary, secondary and first and second degree) or that grow in Vicenza, Czestochowa and Osjiek.
Speaking of the seventh Millennium Development Goal (MDG) doesn™t means only to denounce the progressive impoverishment of our planet and the pressing threats that undermine the sustainability, but provide them with the skills, tools, spaces and opportunities to activate themselves in first person and actually tackle causes and consequences of the choices that are made today on their heads.
The project, promoted by the Municipality of Vicenza in collaboration with ProgettoMondo Mlal, and co-financed by the European Union, has as its goal the creation of an alliance between teachers-students, educators and young people to explore the themes of sustainable development and experience and adopt new educational modules and learning units on the 7th ODM. So to know the impact on ourselves, our health, but also the effects that this has on social justice globally.
This project provides an opportunity to examine local issues that affect everyone, and it becomes a model of global education able to bring a new curriculum offer on sustainability in all current educational agencies (schools, institutions, associations, meeting spaces ) and to offer to the guys new and concrete opportunities for engagement.

7th MDG


To achieve the Millennium Development Goals by 2015, authorities and institutions are called upon to make a contribution consistent with their role in the promotion of initiatives to help create awareness and sensitivity in the citizenship on the development issues.


To make a contribution, however, are now called especially the younger generation, so that they can represent in person before a new leadership and commitment as "ambassadors of sustainable development" starting from their own communities.


Educators, teachers and institutions, through the educational proposals offered by Global Education, have a duty to promote and accompany generational handover with the tools and opportunities which are really able to affect on the impact that the social/environmental/economic policies inherited by our fathers are inexorably having on the planet, our Common Home.


Activation of new services

Workshops with active proposals at the local level, with particular reference to possible pathways of integration with active associations in their respective territories. The goal is to ensure to about 225 young people from Italy, Poland and Croatia to experiment directly in the field and to build their own proposals of new services in order to offer them to citizenship for a sustainable development of the community.

European Network

To promote the creation of a web platform between 3 countries (Italy, Poland, Croatia) which becomes a space of meeting, exchange and enrichment on the issues of environmental sustainability. The community thus formed is going to originate meetings and other activities of transnational awareness in the 3 different cities involved.



Training workshops for teachers of Vicenza (Italy), Czestokowa (Poland) and Osjiek (Croatia) on the themes of overall education and on the 7th ODM. Methodologies and opportunities to develop and test specific teaching units will be proposed ,depending on context, target audience and in accordance with their vocations.

Documentation and activities

In the three European cities will be activated a public space dedicated to Global Education; a place for discussion and study for teachers and educators, technologically equipped and selfmanaged in which promote updates, seminars and events related to the themes of global education.